Wednesday, November 21, 2018

"Beloved" a devotional for young women

This devotional is meant for young women and has 365 readings for each day of the year.  The readings are labeled 1 thru 365 and not by day so that readers can start this one year plan any time of the year.  Each page / devotion has a short Bible verse on top followed by a few paragraphs of commentary followed by some blank lines to journal in.  Quotations are taken from both the Old and New Testament, starting from Genesis and working thru the Bible.  The verses selected are centered around women in the Bible, women's issues, self-worth, and so on.  I like the pink and flowery design of this hardcover book both inside and out.  It's nice to read a devotion before bed or in the morning before I leave for work.  It starts my day or ends my day on a pleasant note.  I wonder how many women would smile if they were reminded how much God cares for them on a daily basis.

"Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? (And Other Concerns)" by Mindy Kaling

As someone who drives to and from work, I decided to start listening to audio books.  Being one of the books I had seen in stores and airports, I decided to listen to Mindy Kaling's book.  Honestly, I have mixed sentiments about it.  One the one hand, yes, it is funny and witty.  On the other hand, at times, the book can come across as whiny and crass.  There are chapters on the author feeling overweight while also admitting she is too lazy to exercise.  There are chapters on sexuality that appear geared towards pre-teen girls, which I find inappropriate.  Then there are the random chapters about stories and sitcoms the author likes.  This book was not my favorite, and while it helped me pass time while driving, it is not one I recommend to others.

"How do you say goodnight" by Catalina Echeverri

This full color, wooden little book is adorable for bedtime reading.  Zoey the zebra roams around Africa asking other animals how they say goodnight.  Along the way, she encounters lions, warthogs, elephants, monkeys, hippos, and more.  The text rhymes and has lots of opportunity for aloud readers to make funny noises.  At the end of the book, Zoey goes back to her family in peace.  This book is great for diversity, showing kids that it's okay to be different.  Just as different animals all have their own way of saying goodnight, different people have their own way of living.

Saturday, November 10, 2018

"God Bless You & Good Night" by Hannah C. Hall and Steve Whitlow

This children's book is a wooden hardcover, full color, touch and feel story.  It is aimed at children going to bed at night and has various baby animals with their parents.   Readers can see animals eat bedtime snacks, read bedtime stories, get hugs, hear I love you, and so much more.  The best part are the pages where readers can touch and feel the scenes.  Most touch and feels are of animal fur / skin, but there are a few that are of the ground / background.  Some are soft, some are rough, some are shimmery, some are plain, etc.  Each set of two pages covers one animal with its guardian.  Since this book does not have an animal with two guardians, it is good for single parents.  While the entire book is great, my favorite part was the hedge hog hug!