Tuesday, August 28, 2018

"Air Rage - Crisis in the Skies" by Anonymous and Andrew R. Thomas

When I got my Masters in Airplane Safety Systems, one of my projects was on the topic of air rage.  I've finally finished the book to write a review!  Air rage is a phenomenon where those onboard aircraft become enraged to the point of violence, belligerence, and oftentimes disrupting the flight crew.  Air rage can involve murder, extreme injury, plane crashes, and hijacking.  This is not to be confused with air terrorism.  Air terrorism is often premeditated and for political reasons.  On the other hand, air rage is often in the spur of the moment and for other reasons.  Reasons people go into air rage are oftentimes due to alcohol / drugs, mental illness, disgruntled emotions over the air travel experience, deportation, and inter-passenger conflict.  The stories in this book range from downright comical to horrendous.  The authors recommend increasing penalties for air rage and writing into law more strict guidelines for what constitutes air rage.

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