Tuesday, August 28, 2018

"Air Rage - Crisis in the Skies" by Anonymous and Andrew R. Thomas

When I got my Masters in Airplane Safety Systems, one of my projects was on the topic of air rage.  I've finally finished the book to write a review!  Air rage is a phenomenon where those onboard aircraft become enraged to the point of violence, belligerence, and oftentimes disrupting the flight crew.  Air rage can involve murder, extreme injury, plane crashes, and hijacking.  This is not to be confused with air terrorism.  Air terrorism is often premeditated and for political reasons.  On the other hand, air rage is often in the spur of the moment and for other reasons.  Reasons people go into air rage are oftentimes due to alcohol / drugs, mental illness, disgruntled emotions over the air travel experience, deportation, and inter-passenger conflict.  The stories in this book range from downright comical to horrendous.  The authors recommend increasing penalties for air rage and writing into law more strict guidelines for what constitutes air rage.

Thursday, August 16, 2018

"Better Together" by Jonathan Sposato

Did you know that companies with female CEOs have higher profit margins than companies with male CEOs?  Did you know that women account for 80% of spending power in households?  I certainly didn't.  Facts like these and more are in the book "Better Together", which is all about how working with women leads to "Extraordinary products and profits".  Aside from these ideals of success, the book puts a lot of effort into discussing the problems of gender bias and gender inequality.  Topics range from sexual harassment to unfair treatment to being passed by for promotions and more.  Sposato is an advocate for women and his personal story really shines light into why he is all for that.  The beginning of the book is all about the author's mother and how her experience shaped the way Sposato views women, which I think is beautiful.  This book is a quick read and gets to the point.  The pictures inside are black and white, and guest writers have their photo and biography highlighted.

"Get the Guy" by Matthew Hussey

Matthew Hussey is a world renowned relationship expert.  How he got that title without being married is beyond me, but I digress.  There is a lot of advice for women in this book, some of which makes sense and some of which is a bit out there.  Firstly, I 100% agree that women need to find value in themselves before they seek out a relationship.  They must be confident and coming from a place of abundance, not depressed and coming from a place of desperation.  Secondly, Matt emphasizes the point of women getting out and meeting men.  Women are not going to have their future husbands just knock on their door--they need to get out and meet people.  While I don't think women should pursue men, I see nothing wrong with making friends and expanding one's social circle.  When it comes to commitment, Matt talks about how some guys are just not relationship material and how women need to acknowledge that when they signs appear instead of trying to change a man.  The book also has a section on physical intimacy where Matt says a man needs to be validated by a woman, knowing he can make her feel beautiful and happy.  While I don't advocate for sex outside of marriage, I do think there are other ways to evoke the same emotions in men.  A woman dating a guy can make him feel special by acknowledging his efforts in courtship and complimenting him on how he makes her happy.  Overall, this book was interesting and had some unique advice, but I would say it is more anecdotal and less scientific.

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

"God's Blessings Day by Day" by Thomas Nelson

This devotional for kids is very special.  Set to span a full year, there are devotions for Monday thru Friday and the weekend.  Each devotion is one page.  The top lists a Bible verse, the middle explains what the verse means with real life examples, and then there is a prayer at the end.  Also, every other page has an adorable illustration of some sort of animal, flower, etc.  This hardcover full-cover book is set to last years.  I'd say that children of all ages will enjoy it.  I am an adult, and I loved reading these devotions before bed at night.  This book is Christian, so there are many references to Jesus, as well as New Testament quotations.