Friday, August 25, 2017

"Get Out of that Pit" by Beth Moore

When I first got this book to review, I thought it'd be some sappy self-help book that would depress me and bore me to tears.  Boy, was I wrong!  Full of real-life advice, this book ties biblical principles to difficult scenarios.  While falling into a pit can be a real physical event, this book talks about analogies that are less tangible.  For instance, a pit can be depression, anxiety, a bad job, a bad relationship, an addiction, a bad habit, and so on.  What I really enjoyed was how Moore discussed different ways of getting into a pit.  Someone can be thrown into a pit, someone can slip into a pit, and someone can jump into a pit.  This is important because it highlights both personal responsibility as well as the idea that not every bad situation is your fault.  Still, there is a clear path forward for getting out of whatever pit one is in.  I won't spill all the details, but I will say the way forward is practical and makes sense.  It also puts trust in God to help.  There is a lot of Bible quotes and a Christian undertone to the book.  Still, Moore writes in such a way that her religious views are not pushy and do not overshadow the main idea of getting out of one's pit(s).  At the end of the book, there are also discussion questions and Bible verses to pray aloud.

"The Legend of Geoffrey" by Toys R Us

I got this lovely children's book and stuffed giraffe for my birthday from Toys R Us.  Even though I am no longer a little kid, I am still a big kid and absolutely adored the combo!  The hardcover, full-color book tells the story of Geoffrey the Giraffe.  While I won't spill the entire plot line, I will say it is full of rhymes.  Readers will learn the personality of Geoffrey and even how he got his stars.  Readers will also identify with the themes of finding oneself and finding one's purpose in life.  Though life gave Geoffrey some doubts and anxieties, he eventually found a purpose-driven calling that makes both him happy and children all around the world burst for joy.  This is a story I plan on reading every time my birthday rolls around.