Saturday, May 13, 2017

"Love Letters from God" by Glenys Nellist and illustrated by Rachel Clowes

Beautifully illustrated and written, this book is a treasure for girls of all ages.  Various Bible stories involving female characters are described in simple language.  These include Bible characters from the Old and New Testament.  Each of these stories takes up a left and right page.  On these pages are illustrations, the Bible heroin's name, an inspirational Bible quote, and a "letter from God."  Each of the "letters from God" are flip-style and have a blank for the reader's name to be written in.  The messages sent to girls are that God cares for them, God is enough, not to worry, not to stress, to pray for troubles, and to trust in God.  At the very end of the book is a flip-style blank letter for the reader to write their very own letter to God.  The book is hardcover with full-cover illustrations and lettering.  The reading level is fifth grade and higher.