Friday, October 21, 2016

"Shadow of the Storm" by Connilyn Cossette

As the second book in the Out of Egypt trilogy, this story both builds upon the first book but also stands on its own.  Readers who have not read the first book will not be confused as to what is going on.  This tale focuses on Shira, a young woman who desires to become a midwife.  She battles with her past where men abused her, and she is confused when a man truly begins to love her.  Can she trust him?  Is he just like all the others?  To make matters worse, there is a desperate woman named Dvorah who does everything to make Shira's life a living hell.  And did I mention the Golden Calf incident is going on at this time?  Beyond the drama of a good story, this book really makes one think about the biblical narrative.  What really happened to all those converts to Judaism?  How did Moses handle the racial divide?  How did families react when loved ones were murdered for bowing to an idol?  All these questions and more are played out with characters. While nothing in this book is graphic, I would not recommend it for young readers.

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