Monday, August 1, 2016

"The Love Code" by Alexander Loyd, Ph.D., ND

Contrary to what some may think, this book is not about romantic relationships or dating advice.  This book is all about how to use love to succeed in all aspects of life.  The author focuses on lowering stress to reduce problems.  The concept of internal versus external goals is a huge player in this self-help book.  An example will help.  Let's say someone wants to be a millionaire.  They can try and try but keep failing.  Why do they want to be a millionaire?  Because they think money will give them security and friends.  If that's the case, the person needs to internalize emotions of security and acceptance and self-worth before they can even begin to actualize any sort of financial success.  There are countless other examples in the book, but the idea is to fix the inside before attempting at fixing the outside.  With a doctorate, readers take the author seriously.  One thing  I found fascinating about the book was a mention about a book called Change of Heart (google it).  It is about a woman who gets a heart transplant and subsequently has personality shifts similar to her donor.  From this,  the author surmises that our emotions get imprinted onto our cells.  In other words, the spiritual / mental goes into the physical.  But the good news is that the mental / spiritual can be healed and corrected in order for the physical to flourish and heal, too.

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