Saturday, July 2, 2016

"The Berenstain Bears' Caring and Sharing Treasury" by Jan and Mike Berenstain

This hardcover book is not a single story but rather five books in one!  In these pages, readers will learn about different jobs in the community.  There is an emphasis on how everyone has a unique purpose and no one job is more important than another.  When the kid bears start gossiping, there is a story about the damage that can do.  However, there is still reconciliation and the emphasis on saying sorry when one has done something wrong.  When the bears try to constantly one-up each other, Grandpa Bear comes in and puts life into perspective.  No one needs to prove themselves by making others seem inferior.  In another story, when family members are in an emergency, the whole town comes together to help out.  There is yet another tale that teachers youngsters not to judge others based on looks.  So many good morals are shown in this book without seeming corny.  The reading level is grade school and up--I would not use this with book with a toddler.  While religion is not pushed in this book, there are Christian undertones.  A preacher is included in some stories, and there are references to the New Testament Bible.

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