Wednesday, April 6, 2016

"Counted With the Stars" by Connilyn Cossette

Every now and then I get a book that I keep turning the pages due to the suspenseful and gripping story.  However, very rarely do I get a book that has that and impacts me greatly on a personal level.  "Counted with the Stars" is a biblical fiction story.  It follows Kiya, a young Egyptian woman sold into slavery to pay her father's debt.  Her tale is told during the time of the Hebrew slaves leaving Egypt and the 10 plagues.  Kiya is forced to look inside of herself and question her beliefs as she leaves her idols to go after a faceless God.  Kiya's master is a cruel woman, and the readers learn why the woman is so bitter, giving them a perspective to think for themselves why others treat them so poorly.  Then there are the suitors.  Kiya is originally betrothed to one man, but that does not last.  There is a Hebrew she is attracted to, but he despises the Egyptian people.  Then there is an Amalakite who at first is dashing but later proves to be abusive and aggressive.  Readers will learn through Kiya about mistakes that come from rushing with men and not taking time to learn their character.  When the slaves--Hebrew, Egyptian, and whoever else wanted to join--leave, there are struggles and miracles in the wilderness.  Kiya witnesses danger and salvation as normal occurrences.  With regards to acceptance, Kiya faces the cold stares of Hebrews that despise her heritage.  She struggles with her past and whether or not she will ever be accepted as part of Israel.  All that drama aside, this book is beautifully written and feels so real.  Between emotions and dialog, there are vivid descriptions of life through a slave's eyes.  There is the touch of a donkey's ear, the rush of the Nile waters, the cool stone of a royal floor beneath calloused feet, and so much more.  I can not wait for the next book in this series.     

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