Tuesday, March 1, 2016

"One Spring Lamb" by Anne Vittur Kennedy

Adorable in every sense of the word, this book is a must for children of all ages.  The hard wooden pages give for a durable book that will last the test of time.  The full-color illustrations will mesmerize, as well.  Starting at one and ending at ten, this book teaches little ones how to count.  Throughout, there is a theme of spring and Easter.  The short lines rhyme, and readers get a chance to count the specific number.  For example, when we get to 10, we could 10 bunnies.  There is some religiousness in this book as it is related to Easter.  There is even a line about Jesus at the end.  However, parents can choose their discretion.  When kids ask about the religious aspect at the end, that can be a moment to teach about diversity.  Plus, the lamb is just so cute!  :)

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