Wednesday, March 2, 2016

"A Worthy Heart" by Susan Anne Mason

Going from Ireland to America is a big trip but not as big as going from a preconceived notion of someone to a true relationship.  In this story, there are love triangles and drama galore.  Maggie left her homeland to find work in America...and leave behind her crazy ex-fiance.  Adam is an ex-con who had bad luck and doesn't think he deserves any good in life.  Rylan is a character who judges people quickly and is slow to give second chances.  Aurora is a girl learning her place in the world and deciding between suitors.  The character list goes on.  What I liked was how different stories were woven together.  This isn't just some fiction book focused on two characters falling in love.  Rather, others join the scene.  There is even historical detail thrown in the mix to authenticate the novel.  While there is romance in the book, it is not graphic.

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