Saturday, March 5, 2016

"30 Day Faith Detox" by Laura Harris Smith

While this book is titled as a "faith detox," it really involves more than that.  The bulk of the book is on physical detox from bad processed foods.  As a certified nutritionist counselor, the author has science behind her claims.  Readers will understand how the gut affects the brain and vice versa.  They will also learn what foods are helpful for the immune system and which are not.  There are plenty of recipes in the back of the book, too.  When it comes to social detox, the author gives advice for both men and women, whether they be single, married, separated, widowed, or divorced.  For the faith aspect, Smith encourages readers to stay hopeful in God and never give up even when times are rough.  Since the author is Christian, there is a lot of New Testament quoted along with Old Testament and copious notes about Jesus.  In terms of my opinion of the book, I was a bit confused at first since there are 8 chapters for 30 days.  Also, I disagree with the giving up wheat aspect.  I agree that one should give up processed sugary wheat but find nothing wrong with homemade whole wheat (not "enriched") baked bread.

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