Tuesday, February 23, 2016

"God in the Wilderness" by Jamie S. Korngold

Moses met God in a burning bush and received the Ten Commandments on a mountaintop.  So why do people tend to sit in buildings isolated from the outdoors?  In this book, the author tells her story of finding God in hiking, running, and hiking.  Readers will also learn how others have learned about spirituality from the "adventure rabbi."  This book is written from a Reform perspective but it goes deep on topics like the Sabbath and even quotes from ancient Jewish sages.  Something I like is that this book promotes the outdoors but does not diminish the indoors.  If someone wants to sit in shul to find God, that's okay.  However, if they want to find God on a mountaintop, that is also okay.  People deserve the choice of how to find their spirituality.  Beyond stories, there are plenty of biblical quotes that illustrate how spirituality is found in the quiet stillness of nature.  This is an excellent read and is very short.  So short and light is this book that is can easily be carried along with you on your next hike!  :)

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