Tuesday, February 2, 2016

"Beyond DRES" by DRES Stylists

This book is written by six personal stylists.  It discusses practical and easy ways to be more confident.  Confidence is the main objective.  There is no secret formula or must-buy outfit recommended.  Yes, there is a plug to consult one of the DRES stylists for personal help.  However, the underlying theme is for women to find what makes them beautiful and wear that.  Also, readers will find introspection as they are faced with the hard questions of: Who am I?  What is my style saying to the world?  How do I want to be portrayed?  From cleaning out closets to journaling to meditating to analyzing body types and more, this book has it all.  I also appreciate how it is mentioned that not every color and outfit is good on every complexion and body type.  There is also wonderful advice of buying clothes that fit you NOW.  Do not wait until you lose weight.  If you lose weight, great for you.  However, you deserve to look and feel beautiful NOW.  Great book and great stylists! 

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