Friday, February 19, 2016

"Aircraft Safety" by Shari Stamford Krause, Ph.D

From bad weather to poor crew collaboration to improper communication with ATC to mechanical failures to spotty maintenance, this book explains how and why many airplanes throughout history have crashed.  Chapters begin by explaining key topics.   For example, what type of maintenance checks are there, and what is a runway excursion?  From there, there are plenty of case studies for analyze.  While this book is pretty exhaustive when it comes to data, my main complaint is that it was too text heavy.  There were lots of places in this book where pictures would have helped a lot more than words.  For example, when explaining different types of clouds, diagrams would have worked.   And for writing about accidents, a visual would have sufficed.  Perhaps I have been spoiled from my ground school textbook that is full color with plenty of pictures to explain concepts in 3D.  For those interested in aircraft safety, I would forgo  this book and go to that has more pictures and clarity when it comes to aviation accidents.

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