Tuesday, January 5, 2016

"Fill the Void" directed by Rama Burshtein

This film is breathtakingly honest and the viewer will feel like they are in the living room of this Orthodox community.  Esther is Shira's sister.  Esther married Yochay and had a baby named Mordecai.  However, Esther died in childbirth.  Yochay is propositioned to marry a widow in Belguim, but Mordecai's grandmother doesn't want Yochay to move away.  So, an idea forms--for Shira to marry her late sister's widower.  Shira is eighteen but still considerably younger than Yochay.  She is torn between her personal interests and the desire to fulfill her family's wishes.  From the cover of the DVD, viewers already know that Shira married Yochay.  However, what is really worth watching is the emotion.  Viewers will be left with their own questions as they ruminate on this movie.  The film is rated PG and it is in Hebrew with English subtitles.

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