Sunday, December 13, 2015

"The Knot: Outdoor Weddings" by Carley Roney

I am not married, engaged, or otherwise "taken."  So, why did I choose to review this book?  Quite honestly, because the cover had a beautiful flower arrangement...and I love flowers.  Reading through the pages of various outdoor wedding descriptions was great.  However, what I really enjoyed was the full-covered beautiful pictures.  From dresses to flowers to outdoor seating arrangements to food and more, everything is breathtakingly beautiful.  Also interesting is the fact that the author did not just design face, less weddings.  Rather, each theme of outdoor wedding has an actual couple attached to it.  Readers will see real-world examples of what other people did.  There are weddings on the waterfront, in tropical destinations, on country club properties, and more.  In terms of diversity, there are various examples of weddings.  There are interracial couples and even gay couples features.  Religion-wise, there are Christian weddings, Jewish weddings, and a mixed Hindi wedding.  This hefty hardcover book will make a great gift for your bride-to-be.  Best of all, in the back of the book, there is a timeline of advice for what to do 12 months before the wedding, 3 months before the wedding, and all the way to the day-of.

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