Saturday, December 12, 2015

"He's Just Not That Into You" by Greg Behrendt and Liz Tuccillo

I got this book at a book swap, and it was a fun read.  The chapters are short and rather comical.  But, most of all, the advice it gives is spot on.  Too often, women can stress over whether or not a guy likes them or why a potential mate is acting a certain way.  This book gives the sad reality that most men are simply not interested and are too afraid to say so.  So, if a man does not make a blatant and concentrated effort to contact a woman, odds are he is "just not that into them."  This does not mean the woman is ugly or of poor character.  It just means the guy sees the woman more as a friend than a romantic interest.  I understand this.  I have a close male friend who I hear from once every few months.  This does not upset me in the least because we are just friends.  I am not attracted to him because I am not attracted to Asians; and he is not attracted to me because he likes plump women.  Neither of us are bad-looking or obnoxious--we simply only view the other as friends.  Since we are only friends, the sporadic contact is fine.  If we were romantically involved, it would be unacceptable.  And that's what this book advices.  If a guy is not going out of his way to contact a woman, he only views her as a friend.  However, if a guy has made romantic interests clear but is not going out of his way to contact the woman, the woman ought to dump him.  If I can sum up this book in a phrase, it is, "do not settle."

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