Sunday, December 13, 2015

"5-Minute Bedtime Treasury" by Precious Moments

This full-color hardcover book is the perfect addition for any bedside bureau.  There is a section of stories on the Old Testament, the New Testament (for Christians), and a chunk of wisdom stories mostly from the books of Psalms / Proverbs.  The language is very simple in big font, so it is good for young readers.  The illustrations are simply adorable from well-known precious moments characters.  From little children praying together to adorable animals traipsing along, each image is too cute for words.  My favorite illustrations are those of the guardian angels.  Youngsters will learn about the parting of the sea, Joseph's multicolored coat, Solomon's wisdom, Christian parables from Jesus, and more.  Popular prayers such as the Our Father and The Lord is My Shepherd are adapted for young ones.  Overall, this is a nice book, and I would argue it is for readers of all ages.  

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