Sunday, November 22, 2015

"Make Every Word Count" by Moshs Doron

This book is all about prayer.  But it's not just about praying repetitious prayer or saying prayers in one's head.  Rather, the book is about praying out loud and from the heart.  After a brief introduction, the book goes into questions and answers.  Some questions are: how does one pray?, what if I don't know what to pray?, why pray if G-d knows our thoughts?, can I pray if I have sinned?, when should I pray?, where should I pray?, and more.  The language is easy to follow and not intimidating.  Furthermore, the book is written for the ordinary person and not some lofty rabbi.  Readers will feel important and valued when they read this book--not judged.  This book is rather small and can be read quickly all at once or just used as a reference guide.  Overall, excellent guide on how to pray from the heart.  To HaShem!  :o)

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