Sunday, September 27, 2015

"Girl Meets Change" by Kristen Strong

This book is all about women not only facing change in their life but also embracing it.  Several Biblical stories such as the story of Joseph, Ruth, and Esther are given as examples.  There is also heavy emphasis on Jesus and his story, giving this book much of a Christian undertone.  In terms of the real-life examples from modern day, those were spot on...for certain people.  The examples were interesting, but they just didn't hit home for me.  Being a young working professional, I could not relate to the change of marriage, divorce, children leaving the home, and so forth.  Still, that does not mean I did not enjoy the book.  The book did hold my attention was kept me thinking about how others in the world are going through so much (even if it is not the same change I am going through).

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