Sunday, August 2, 2015

"Wild in the Hollow" by Amber C. Haines

Starting at her own childhood and ending at the childhood of her sons, this book follows one woman's life journey.  The text reads like a memoir with its brutal honesty and poetic license.  Amber tells of her shameful past she regrets of chasing after men.  Readers then follow her as she converts to Christianity and eventually marries her holy-roller husband.  The struggles of marriage, affairs, and such are described.  When kids finally enter the picture, Amber is honest with her insecurities and anxieties of postpartum depression as her own baby holds on for dear life in the hospital.  This is a religious book in that it talks about Christianity and the church.  Due to the sensitive nature of this book in describing the author's sexual encounters, I would not recommend it for young readers.  The book is not graphic, but it does allude to mature matters.  There is no swearing in the book.

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