Thursday, May 21, 2015

"The Hiding Place" with Elizabeth & John Sherrill

World War II hits Holland like a ton of bricks as Corrie and her religious Christian family must decide how to help their Jewish neighbors who are being hunted down.  With a large estate, the Ten Boom family converts a large bedroom into a small bedroom and a small hiding place.  There, Jews hide from the police.  All is well until the Ten Boom family is found out.  Corrie and her family are first sent to prison and eventually to concentration camps.  As a children's edition book, this story does not get incredibly graphic.  However, there is still enough information to convey the suffering--inadequate food supplies, poor sanitation, flea infestation, etc.  Amidst all the tragedy, there is hope in the book.  Corrie learns to forgive a soldier who she hates, and even fulfills her late sister's wish for healing concentration camp survivors.  There is an ending in this book.  Whether or not readers will find that ending happy is something that only they can decide.

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