Wednesday, May 20, 2015

"A Human Error Approach to Aviation Accideent Analysis" by Douglas A. Weigmann and Scott A. Shappell

This book focuses on the human factors analysis and classification system as is relates to aviation.  While commercial aviation and general aviation are discussed, there is more research provided on military / naval aviation.  Both fixed-wing and helicopters are studied.  This book does not cover light sport aircraft, hot air balloons, gliders, etc.  The text is written in such a way that the information is conveyed without being too messy.  There are less tan 200 pages in the book, and the figures are quite easy to follow.  Respected authorities in the literature are cited frequently.  The authors are free from bias and honest when critiquing their own methodologies.  Readers will learn about visual flight rules, instrument flight rules, crew resource management, controlled flight into terrain, modeling, simulation, training, and more.  Overall, the book was interesting.  My favorite part was the case studies that took students right to accidents as they learned what went wrong and what could have been prevented.

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