Wednesday, April 1, 2015

"Bread and Butter" by Erin McKenna

This cookbook is geared at gluten-free and vegan baking.  Baking gluten-free is not bad, and baking vegan is not bad; however, combining the two can be extremely difficult.  I tried two recipes in this book and both came out sub-par.  The flavor was lacking, the consistency was unusual, and I was overall disappointed.  Since the author of the cookbook owns a bakery, I have no doubt that the items can come out well.  However, I do not own a bakery and have no formal culinary training.  This cookbook is not for the average baker.  Considering how some breads take over 3 hours to make and use expensive flour blends, I did not try to make any more recipes from the book for this review.  On a positive note, the book is very nice with glossy high-color images. 

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