Tuesday, February 17, 2015

"When I Fell from the Sky" by Juliane Koepcke

In the 1970s, a plane crashes into the rainforest that leaves only one girl alive.  Stuck in the Peruvian rainforest for over a week, Juliane must fight the elements to survive.  Interestingly enough, she is the daughter of two zoologists.  So, she was the most likely to survive--she knew what was needed to stay alive in that environment.  This book is one of hope and life, but it is not recommended to be read before bed.  There are scary details of maggots and jungle creatures and open wounds.  There is even mention of vultures and corpses and the sad reality of what happened to Juliane's mother.  When one woman falls 10,000 ft into the jungle and lives to tell about it, that is a story worth reading.  This book makes you appreciate life and will make readers contemplate their unique place in this world.

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