Saturday, February 7, 2015

"Supermarket Healthy" by Melissa D'Arabian

Beautifully written and presented, this book is a quick guide for anyone looking to make some health-conscious meals.  The beginnings introduces some basics of what to keep handy in the pantry as well as some nutrition basics.  However, the author makes it clear that her book is not a diet or nutrition book but rather a cookbook focused on staying healthy.  The book is broken down into sections.  Besides breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, and desserts, this book divides up recipes further into sections for poultry, fish, pasta, and more, which is nice.  The pictures are very high-quality, and the colored printing is fun for the text.  There are tips for entertaining, as well as stretching a budget.  The directions themselves are pretty straightforward and in a good readable-sized font.  Overall, this is a fun cookbook.  However, it does not focus on any particular food avoidance or allergy.  So, if you avoid certain foods, just skip those recipes in this book and focus on others.  Or, feel free to substitute ingredients, which the author suggests.

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