Sunday, October 12, 2014

"The Everything Healthy Tea Book" by Babette Donaldson

Part of the EVERYTHING series, this book gives ready a quick go-to reference for all things tea.  From tips to facts to medical warnings to questions / answers to myths, this book covers it all.  Historical background on tea is provided, along with some accompanying fun stories.  Chemical compounds and medical jargon are there for the advanced, along with simpler terms for the lay reader.  Hot tea, cold tea, bagged tea, loose-leaf tea, types of tea leaves, and so much more are explained.  There is even a section on tools needed for tea, as well as storage to keep you tea lasting long.  Something I have not seen in other tea books, which really caught my attention, was the section on how to grow and cultivate your own tea leaves from flowers.  This was really fascinating and--to my surprise--not all that difficult.  Maybe I will make my own garden and harvest my own tea some day!  I also greatly enjoyed the unique section on baking with tea and making beauty treatments with tea.  I had no idea that moist tea bags could be held for ten minutes over a blemish to reduce swelling and promote healing.  I want to start using tea as toner, too, since it's way cheaper than product.  If you want info on how to drink tea and which to buy, you can find that almost anywhere.  But if you want the real scoop on EVERYTHING about tea, you'll find it all here.  The things I read were so surprising and caught me so off guard, I am glad I got this book!

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