Thursday, October 9, 2014

"Start Your Own Family Tea Time" by Babette Donaldson

This short booklet is a must-have for anyone who is uncertain what the fuss is about with tea.  Don't understand why tea is important?  Not sure where to start?  Not sure how to get friends and family involved?  This book covers it all.  Additionally, this book is not just the author's perspective.  Sprinkled throughout the pages are opinions from famous tea experts, as well as ordinary people.  Men and women, parents and children all have their say.  Photos are included, too.  This book is geared towards all types of people, and I enjoyed how there were writings and photos of all types of ethnicity represented.  Budgeting is also considered as tips for saving money are included.  Ideas for crafts and cooking are inside too.  Overall, this is a nice quick reference guide for all things tea. 

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