Wednesday, October 8, 2014

"Keepers of the Covenant" by Lynn Austin

This sequel to Lynn's "Return to Me" is a great book but not as phenomenal as the first.  Still, even for readers who have not read "Return to Me," no details will be missed, and there will be no confusion.  This book starts with the story of Esther and goes through a generation of lives.  There is Ezra the priest who is called to move Jews to Jerusalem and eventually govern a rebellious people in ways he could never imagine.  There is Reuben, a young boy who loses his father in an apartheid against Hebrews.  His life spirals out of control as he strays from the God who took everything away from him.  There is Amina, a crippled Gentile who hates her life and is beaten by her father and uncles.  There is Devorah, a woman who is married to the love of her life but must choose what to do when circumstances turn her world upside down.  Warriors, potters, priests, thieves, weavers and more come together as we see how individuals view the curses and blessings God bestows upon His people.  The fine line between discipline and grace is discussed as real-life characters struggle to obey the Torah.  Politics play a part too as God's chosen people must bend to the edicts of the Persian king.  True love and false love are played out too as hearts dance the dance of destiny.  Great book.

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