Thursday, October 9, 2014

"Emma Lea's Magic Teapot" by Babette Donaldson

Adorably written and illustrated, this book is a great bedtime story.  Emma Lea has a magic teapot.  When she rubs it, her grandmother comes out to grant wishes.  Emma Lea thinks it's just a dream and silliness until her wishes begin to come true.  First she wishes for her mother to cook crepes.  Then she wishes to make amends with her friend.  Then she wishes to sing at school.  All these wishes come true, but her father reminds her that Emma Lea is the special one, not the teapot.  More happiness ensues as Emma Lea gets a visit from her grandparents and receives a brand new puppy.  Family time is emphasized in this book, as well as resolving conflict with friends and embracing inner confidence.  The teddy bear's input is also cutely included from time to time.  Overall, this is a very nice book that will remind us all that we can all make the choice to add the magic of friendship and kindness and togetherness to others.

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