Thursday, October 9, 2014

"Emma Lea's First Tea Party" by Babette Donaldson

Readers are introduced to young, polite Emma Lea.  She likes teddy bears, her family, and tea.  Invited to her very first tea party--also a birthday party for her grandmother--has her all excited.  However, matters become sullen when Emma Lea realizes she is secluded to the kiddie table.  Forlorn and upset, she runs away.  Her grandfather finds her, and they have their own private tea party.  Eventually, the grandmother finds out what happened and invites both Emma Lea and her husband to the tea party.  This book has a theme of inclusion.  At the end of the story, both the young, as well as the male are a part of the tea festivities.  Children will learn a good lesson about not making others feel left other.  They will also learn about conflict and family resolution.  The hardcover book is beautifully illustrated with great watercolors.  This is an excellent book to read over and over with friends.  

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