Monday, September 15, 2014

"Playing by Heart" by Anne Mateer

This fascinating story follows a woman with a passion for music and a drive for mathematics.  Her love of music comes from her deceased mother, whereas her love of music comes from her dying father.  The wish of both Lucy and her father is for her to become the first woman PhD in Oaklahoma.  With a teaching scholarship in place to make that happen, Lucy is good to go.  That is, until life happens and she must temporarily leave her position.  Worst of all, she must teach girls' basketball, which she has neither interest not knowledge in.  The boys' basketball coach at the high school is Chet.  Chet's life experiences are tied into the book as the chapters alternate between Chet's perspective and Lula's perspective, which was nice.  I always like when books change voice.  It keeps things interesting.  There is added drama with the death of characters and war enlistment.  Not surprisingly, Chet and Lula have some chemistry, are separated, and then reunite at the end of the book.  However, the series of events in between is anything but predictable.  Unlike stories where the plot solely revolves around two love-struck characters.  The lives of high-schoolers and family members weave their way into the events.  It should be noted that there are Christian undertones in this book, but they are not overwhelming.     

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