Thursday, September 4, 2014

"Lena of Vegitopia" by Sybil Severin and Illustrated by Carlos Patino

This adorable children's book is will hold the attention of both child and adult readers.  Set in the land of Vegitopia, Lena is friends with all the animals.  When she learns that some animals are missing their babies, she writes a letter to the Princess of Vegitopia for help.  This teachers youngsters the power of public advocacy and writing representatives.  After the Princess writes back and visits, both her and Lena visit the Carnista to free the baby animals from being dinner.  Carnista is portrayed as an ugly, overweight woman with a cruel heart.  However, after eating Lena's carrot-cake, Carnista decides to become vegan and let the animals go.  Lean's carrot-cake recipe is even included in the back of the book for interested bakers.  After Carnista becomes vegan, she is illustrated as thin and beautiful.  While many ideas in this book are taken to the extreme, there are many valuable lessons.  Eating healthier will result in a slimmer waistline and clearer skin and better hair.  Also, friendship and conflict management are pushed in this tale.  At the end of the story, Lena and Carnista are friends and even send each other gifts.  In terms of the artwork, it is very crisp and fun.  I would have like to see more pictures of animals, but overall, the book was very nice.

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