Friday, May 23, 2014

"Collision" by Michael Phillip Cash

A while ago, I received a different book written by Michael Phillip Cash that I hated.  However, this book I thoroughly enjoyed.  In this book, Cash has impressed me with the talent I knew he had.  This science-fiction fantasy novel has a star wars feeling and is about opposing kingdoms, good and evil.  There is romance, but it is not graphic (compared to some of his other books).  In this book, readers understand who likes who but do not feel like they are reading a trashy book.  Aliens fill this book, as distant planets and species interact.  There is religion in the book as characters vie for their own spirituality.  Forces of good are seen as mysterious at times and vocal at other times.  The forces of evil are scary but not so much that the reader will have nightmares or want to put the book down.  There is a sense of paganism / animism in the book, but the reader does not feel preached to or overwhelmed.  It comes off more as just context and part of the story.  There are plenty of words the author made up, many of which are hard to pronounce.  However, even with all the characters' alien names, the book is not too hard to follow along with.  Something I enjoyed was how the chapters alternated between voices.  In other words, one chapter would be narrated by one character, and another chapter would be narrated by another character, and so on.  This is not an easy thing to pull of literary, and I thoroughly enjoyed it.  This is book 2 in a series.  I did not read book 1, but I was not at all confused in reading this.  This is also a difficult thing to pull off in any sort of series edition of books.  On another note, I liked how the print was nice and big.  I did not have to put my glasses on or strain to read the words.  It was a nice size for leisurely reading.  As for the ending of the book, I won't give it away, but it was unexpected and made me excited for the next book. 

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