Monday, March 3, 2014

"The Long Awakening: A Memoir" by Lindsey O'Connor

This book is the story of a woman who went into a coma shortly after birthing her fifth child.  She was out for close to two months, and this is her story.  While the reader obviously knows that the author is fine and alive and well (how could she not be if she were writing the memoir?), the bulk of the book is depressing.  Yes, there is talk of hope, redemption, answered prayers, friendship, help from strangers, compassion, and other great things.  However, a good chunk of the book talks about tears, hospitals, diagnoses, despair, emotional trauma, confusion, suffering, and other depressing topics.  This book does not focus on dreams the author had in her coma or any sort of extravagant near-death-experience.  Rather, it is a collection of the author's memories, her husband's and children's reactions, and thoughtfully events she recalls in between consciousness.  I applaud the author for living through such an ordeal, but I warn readers that this is not a book you want to read before going to bed.

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