Friday, March 14, 2014

"The Last of the Bush Pilots" by Eric Auxier

With loads of cursing and swearing and dirty scenes, this book was definitely too R-rated for my liking.  And that’s a shame since I really enjoyed the author’s other book “Code Name: Dodger.”  As a new tour-guide pilot dreaming of flying commercial jets, DC finds himself stuck.  One day he finally caves into his friend’s suggestion that he log hours in Alaska, where he can get a good pilot job.  When DC comes to Alaska, we see the beauty and devastation of nature.  There are even some interesting scenes that involve eagles, salmon, and baby bears.  However, DC also has a girl that he lives with intimately.  After he goes to Alaska, he forgets about his girlfriend and starts seeing an exotic Alaskan native, who is too awfully perverted for me to even describe.  Eventually he realizes that he should not have let go of his girlfriend, but he finds this realization too late.  Not once did I see any positive, strong female in the book.  The check-rider Holly was as close as it came to a strong woman, but even she got inebriated and perverse at one point in the book.  Overall, this book was not my cup of tea.  I found it incredibly sexist, where women were just seen as sex objects throughout the entire book.  This review may not be promoting the book, but all my reviews are free.  I am under no obligation to give people good reviews.    

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capnaux said...

I am so sorry that you received the book this way, T.J. I respect your opinion 100%!

Yes, it certainly is for mature audiences, but I believe it is much closer to the PG-13 variety. I try to write as close to the truth as I can, and often life in the Alaska bush "ain't pretty."

As for the "sexist," yes I try to convey the sexism that can be rampant in the Alaska bush pilots' world. However, I am very proud of the Holly character, who does indeed convey the "strong female" character you were looking for. Despite tough odds and circumstances—and yes, sexism—by her own bootstraps she rises by herself and spreads her own wings. For what its worth, I have had multiple compliments from other female readers who's favorite character is Holly, throughout the book. Yes, she does get "inebriated" at one point. But, we are all flawed humans and must let go once in awhile for sanity's sake. (By the way, you'll note that Jake, who has a womanizing reputation, treats her with great respect in this scene.)

You'll be happy to know that I am now writing the sequel to "Code Name: Dodger," which will be more along the lines of your cup of tea.

I hope you will enjoy it. :-)