Thursday, March 27, 2014

“Riley Mae and the Rock Shocker Trek” by Jill Osbourne

This is a fun children’s book about an ordinary girl turned extraordinary.  Riley Mae is a normal kid that loves her friends, her family, and playing softball.  One day, her father’s business associate stops by to chat, and he catches Riley Mae having fun trying on the shoes.  At that point, it is decided that Riley Mae will make the perfect spokesperson for the girls’ athletic shoe line.  While that is fun for a bit, Riley Mae soon realizes the responsibility and time-commitment of being a full-time spokesperson.  It is even ironic how she misses softball games in order to take pictures wearing softball shoes.  There is some mystery in the book, and things get scary for a bit—but not too scary for kids.  There is no swearing, graphic images, or perversion in the book.  There are Christian undertones in the book as things like Christmas and Easter ham are mentioned.  Riley Mae goes to church on occasion, and we follow her as she helps out the little children.  There is charity as Riley Mae tries to provide sustenance for a girl who can’t afford food.  Overall, the story was engaging and interesting. 

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