Sunday, March 9, 2014

"In the Shadow of Jezebel" by Mesu Andrews

What's most interesting about this book is that it's not just another story chronicling the life of Jezebel.  Rather, it's a story of those whom Jezebel influences and affects during her life.  We meet Athaliah and her daughter (not blood-related) Jehosheba.  As power struggles shift and slide for who is king and who is queen, political intrigues intensifies.  Then factor in the conflict of which God will emerge the strongest in an epic Israeli-pagan duel of spiritual proportions.  Athaliah and Jehosheba and Jezebel worship Baal.  In an effort to show diplomacy between the pagans and the Jews, Jezebel proposes that Sheba marries the Jewish Temple high priest.  As the marriages progresses, Sheba learns to love and wrestles between which divinity she will devote herself to.  Other characters enter the story, and their personal lives emerge as well.  I will not divulge those details but will say they add an extra dimension of interest to the story.  Helpful in this book is a list of character names and descriptions, a family tree diagram of important characters, and a historical note in the back for where the basis of the story came from.  All I can say is this: prepare for drama.

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