Tuesday, March 11, 2014

“Code Name: Dodger” by Eric Auxier

Meet Justice who likes to be called Justin.  He’s a Brooklyn orphan living out his teenage years searching for meaning.  With a solid group of friends and an even more solid skateboard, days just seem to fly by for Justin.  However, one day, all of that changes.  After a run-in with some suspicious characters, Justin is mysteriously sent away from the orphanage.  He isn’t sent to juvie as he fears—read the book to find out about Justin’s shenanigans—but is rather sent with a mysterious man for a psychological experiment.  The plot gets even more interesting when the reader realizes Justin is involved in the CIA and is helping to take down his father’s killer.  Emotions flare as Justin snoops around in CIA files he isn’t supposed to see and makes a serious father-son connection with his CIA guardian.  This book is fast-paced with plenty of adventurous action.  While there are some fight scenes, they are not too graphic or scary for the average reader to tolerate.  In terms of romance, Justin is a great role model for young men.  He is not a womanizer, and he treats the young women he is attracted to with respect and care.  When it comes to drugs and gangs, Justin is also a good influence because he avoid those things he deems “stupid.”  There are a few cuss words in this book, but it is not overdone; and there are no f-bombs.  In terms of font, it is a nice size.  It’s big enough to not strain the eyes but not so big as to feel like a book for the visually-impaired; it’s just right.  Also, a portion of this book’s sales goes towards charities for orphans, which is nice.   

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