Sunday, March 16, 2014

"A Heart's Rebellion" by Ruth Axtell

Within just the first few pages, I got a very Pride and Prejudice impression.  Set in the 1800's in England, this book follows Jessamine and her friend Megan through their London season.  For those that don't know, a season is a time where young single ladies go about town and attend balls.  They do this in hopes of meeting eligible bachelors and finding a husband.  This may seem very old-fashioned and even archaic.  However, the way Axtell writes her story, we do not see any of the characters as weak or "less-than."  Instead, we get inside the minds and hearts of two young women who just want to be loved.  We meet the suitors through their eyes.  We learn who is good and who is bad...sometimes too late.  This book also covers topics such as provocative dress, flirting, being drugged, being attacked, and more.  It will teach young women a lot about life, but I do not recommend it to very young readers.  Whether in 1800 or 2000, the rules of life and love have not changed much as the human is still human throughout the years.  

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