Sunday, March 2, 2014

"A Dad's Prayer for His Daughter" by Rob and Joanna Teigen

This book is full of the prayers and well-wishes of a father for his daughter.  There are Bible verses quoted from both the Old and New Testament as the authors share their encouragement with readers.  Sections on happiness, joy, depression, school, fitting in, clothes, boyfriends, peer pressure, eating disorders, addictions, and more are covered.  Parts of the book read like a letter where the father speaks about what he wishes for his daughter.  Interspersed throughout the book are prayers and letters from other fathers (mostly pastors) for their daughters.  Obviously, this book has religious undertones.  One does not need to necessarily agree with all of them to enjoy this book as it is intended to help fathers pray for (and hence think about) good things for their daughter.

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