Sunday, February 16, 2014

"The Sabbath World" by Judith Shulevitz

With candid honestly and vivid imagery, Shulevitz takes us back in time to the ancient Sabbath of years gone by as well as the modern Sabbath of her own life.  We read historical accounts of how people in Israel, Europe, and America kept the Sabbath.  The book does not limit its experiences to only Jews, though; various Christian denominations and their interpretations of the Sabbath are included.  The age-old question of how one should celebrate / honor the Sabbath is not necessarily given an answer.  Yet, Shulevitz gives you enough examples of what others did to figure it out for yourself.  Pieces of the author's life also emerge in this book as she shares her own Jewish experience.  You will read of love, loss, loneliness, companionship, friendship, anger, happiness, sadness, joy, and--yes--the Sabbath.

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