Saturday, January 4, 2014

"The Prophets" by Abraham Joshua Heschel

I've been told that Heschel's writings are works of genius.  After completing this 600+ page masterpiece, I can say I am not disappointed.  This book chronicles the passion, fury, sadness, and unmistakable emotion that swims through the veins of the Jewish prophets.  There is an emphasis on social justice, brotherly kindness, and how God feels about His creation.  Also fascinating are the additional parts / sections of this book that discuss the psychology of prophets, both in Judaism and in other religions.  Historical context is provided and will open the eyes of readers.  Where one man may take a quote from the Jewish prophets out of context to "spiritualize" it, Heschel puts history in its proper place and explains the time, politics, and place that likely influenced the prophet to say what he said.  The ideas in this book will stick with you.

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