Sunday, January 12, 2014

"Ingredients for Success: 10 Best Practices for Business and Life" by Joseph James Slawek

This book revolves around Matthew 25 and dives into how the lessons in those parables translate into business and personal success.  We read about how those who are successful will get more responsibility and rewards, while those who are lazy will get punished and lose profits.  We also read about the importance of being kind to others and donating to charity.  As the CEO of a major corporation, this author has real-life experience in the business world.  At times, the book feels likes the author's own personal journal--there are pages dedicated to the author's listed strengths, things he's grateful for, and even his company mission statement.  This book is very slim and quick to read, with 10 short chapters highlighting the author's "ingredients for success."  The only thing that shocked me was the value of this book.  As a professional book reviewer, I got a free copy.  However, the back cover said it goes for $16.99.  $16.99 for a paperback less than 120 pages is unrealistic.  While this book is nice, it is by no means life-changing.  For those interested in the parables of Yeshua, they can read the Bible online or even get a free Bible from one of the various Bible associations in the world.  Part of what makes parables parables is their ease of understanding and lack of beating around the bush.  Read the parables for yourself, and get a business book is you want tips for better work.  

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