Sunday, January 12, 2014

"Everyday Confetti" by Karen Ehman and Glynnis Whitwer

This is a book focusing on entertaining others in your home.  The way it is written, it seems as if the intended audience is women with families.  The tips for making other people feel special while not breaking the bank were good.  For example, the authors talk about sending loved ones quick notes, text messages, collages, homemade crafts, and other gifts.  Both authors are professed Christians, and the theme of mainstream Christianity is in the book.  There are Bible verses quoted and even a whole section of the book devoted to celebrating spiritual milestones of friends / family.  There is some diversity as the book discusses how to entertain during Black History Month, Cinco de Mayo, Veterans Day, and more.  Passover is mentioned on one page, but not much information is given about entertaining--the authors encourage readers to do their own research for hosting a Seder.  Recipes are also included, but I was not a fan of them.  Many recipes had butter, sugar, ham, sausage, and pork.  While there were some healthy recipes thrown in, the bulk of the recipes didn't seem too healthy.  This is a nice book, but not one I'd spend my money on to buy.   

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