Friday, December 20, 2013

"The Key to the Middle East" by Derek Prince

Derek Prince shines a unique light on the Middle East in this book where current events and the Bible collide.  As a soldier in the British army, Prince was actually in Jerusalem and lived through the birth of the Jewish State, the Six Day War, and several other prominent events in the history of Israel.  There is even a section in the back of the book chronicling many of these events.  Did I mention that Prince has a history degree?  That helps.  Another great section at the back of the book is a guide encouraging readers to visit Israel and support the Jewish people.  The meat of this book involves Prince detailing specific events in the Middle East and pairing them with Bible passages.  While I do not necessarily agree with every "Bible connection" he makes, it does make for an interesting read and some great food for thought.  Prince is also brutally honest, speaking out on how his native land of Britain was not always the best to the Jewish people.  He also tackles the history of antisemitism in the Church.  For those that are unfamiliar to the Middle East, there is a section towards the front of the book that serves as a quick introduction of the countries in the Middle East and why newscasters all around the world are constantly focusing on Israel.  There is also an emphasis on praying for the peace of Jerusalem, which is nice and oh so important in this tumultuous time.    

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