Friday, December 20, 2013

"Dateline Jerusalem" by Chris Mitchell

Filled with fast-faced journalistic detail and current events, this book cues readers in to what is going on in Jerusalem.  History from years gone by and our current era are included.  Informal interviews with natives of the Middle East are included.  Mitchell mentions the conflict that there is over the infamous Holy Land.  Having physically been to Jerusalem, Mitchell tells stories of not only what happened but how he felt spiritually.  He mentions the phenomenon where Muslims today are having dreams of a man clothed in white light telling them that He is Jesus and to follow Him.  In terms of religion, Mitchell also quotes Muslim leaders and shines the light on what fundamentalist Islam is all about.  Readers shock in horror as they read quotes from terrorist leaders extolling people to murder Jews and wipe Israel off the map.  This book is difficult to read at times--not difficult in a scholarly sense, but difficult in an emotional sense.  Mitchell does not sugarcoat the situation in Israel but rather gives readers an honest account of this highly debated over piece of land.  

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