Monday, October 21, 2013

"Perfectly Matched" by Maggie Brendan

Sadly, this book let me down on many occasions.  Let me back up a bit.  The story revolves around Anna who is mail-order-bride.  She gets married to Edward based on a few written correspondences in response to a mail-order-bride ad.  When they are married and the book begins, Edward gives her a list of chores to do.  Anna is discouraged, and things get more complicated between the couple when Anna wants to take pets into her home to care for them but Edward does not want pets to disturb his orderly life.  As the book progresses, it gets pretty hot and heavy.  Throughout the story, while Edward is a bit OCD, he is portrayed as handsome and romantic.  Additionally, throughout the book, Anna gets Edward to bend his will to hers through sexual manipulation.  This books gives very bad messages to women.  Firstly, it give the message that a marriage can turn out perfectly with someone you've just met and don't really know all that well.  Secondly, it gives the message that women can get whatever they want by seducing men.  As if that wasn't enough, this book was just plain uncomfortable.  It wasn't as subtle as other romance novels I read.  It felt like a dirty novel written for men.  Disgusting.    

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