Saturday, September 14, 2013

"Wounded by God's People" by Anne Graham Lotz

Following the story of Hagar, Lotz elaborates on how an Egyptian slave was hurt by the great patriarch Abraham.  From having to leave her home in Egypt to having to act as a concubine to having to be cast out into the wilderness, Hagar's life was not easy.  Interwoven with this story is Lotz's own stories of how she has been wounded by Christians.  The chapters are divided into segments that align with the Genesis story.  Lotz has a lot of wisdom but is a bit lacking in the knowledge department.  In one part of her book, she talks about "Jehovah."  For those that don't know, Jehovah is the result of rabbis stripping YHWH of its vowels and trying to make it have the vowels of Adonay (means "lord" in Hebrew) in favor of their man-made traditions.  This gets us Yehovah, and when the letter "j" came around about 400 years ago, the name "Jehovah" stuck thanks to a king by the name of James.  "Jehovah" is not God's Name.  His Name is YHWH.  Additionally, at one point in the book, Lotz alludes to Christians not working on Sunday and makes them out to be "obedient."  The Sabbath never is or was on Sunday.  It is Friday at sunset to Saturday at sunset.  The Sunday Sabbath is a result of Constantine's pagan edicts in the 360s AD.  

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